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Memories of Our Trip

Memories of our trip collage

"My family and I would like to thank you for sharing in our trip.  There is nothing like seeing the sites for yourselves and I hope that by sharing our trip, some of you are inspired to go visit these sites and see this part of history for yourselves.  I know that we made many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

A special thanks goes out to Susan & Anne!  Words cannot express the excitement and appreciation that I and my family have gotten out of watching these web pages grow."


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We'd like to thank Jeff and his family for sharing the wonderful pictures and details about their trip and giving us the opportunity to set up these pages on our Little House site.  We had alot of fun working on it and it's been a great experience for us!  Before you leave, please sign our guestbook and let us all know how you liked the tour.  Thank you!

~Anne & Susan

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Collage picture above created by Anne & Susan.  Please
do NOT take for use on other websites.  Thank you!

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Pepin & Mansfield photos and
descriptions are copyright 1999
Jeff and used with his permission.

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